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Ethel, Arkansas 1914

Spice it up

with seasonings from Backwood Blessings

Add Flavor to Your Meals!

     Enjoy your favorite dishes with high quality BBQ sauce, spices, mixes, dips, and other products from Backwood Blessings!         

 Hi, I’m Marcy Jones Simpson, the owner.  I cater my products to customers in Northern Arkansas, Arkansas County and surrounding areas.

     The above photo was taken at the old home place in Ethel, Arkansas in 1914.  In the picture on the left is my Great Great Grandpa Marshall,  my Great Grandma Vina Padgett Marshall, by the horses is my Great Grandpa Clint Marshall, the baby is my Great Aunt Lucille Marshall Horton and the little girl is my Grandma Annie Marshall Jones.

     I come from a family of wonderful cooks along with my husbands family (from Brewer Bottoms) who are also great cooks. My Grandma Mary Moser ran many restaurants throughout her lifetime in DeWitt, Arkansas and my Grandpa Chester Moser helped run the local meat market (Dillions Locker Plant).

     Thank you for visiting my website, hope you enjoy and may God Bless You!!

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